Am I Addicted?

The manufacturer recommends no more than 8 tablets in 24 hours and no more than 3 days usage.

This does NOT mean 3 days per week! This means a maximum of 3 sequential days of having at least one tablet.

If you have been taking Solpadeine for more than 3 days or you've had more than 8 tablets in a day (or both) then you are in the grip of this drug. It is dangerous. You must take action to stop taking it. Please read all the Introduction Articles on this site, talk to your doctor and refer specifically to the article about how to quit.

Evidence shows that typically women are slightly more likely to become addicted to Solpadeine than men, but sufferers can be of all ages, races and sexes. Solpadeine does not discriminate, people in the grip of Solpadeine addiction may be teenagers or octagenarians!

Different people start taking Solpadeine for different reasons. But it is a very common story to start taking Solpadeine for a specific reason and then being delighted at what a marvellous pain killer it is. If it is never taken again then that is all fine. However, lots and lots of people start down a path of taking it for chronic recurring pain, or start to take it in advance of pain starting, "as a precaution". This is the first sign of addiction.

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