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Re: Alfiemoon
StormAtSeaStormAtSea 20 Apr 2019 09:40
in discussion Forum / My story » Alfiemoon

Well done! :-D That is wonderful news. Every one of us who breaks free is a victory for us all.

Re: Alfiemoon by StormAtSeaStormAtSea, 20 Apr 2019 09:40
Re: Free at last
StormAtSeaStormAtSea 20 Apr 2019 09:37
in discussion Forum / My story » Free at last

Congratulations! :-D That's wonderful and inspiring news. I'm glad your withdrawal was easier than expected.

Thanks for the tips about salt water and espresso to help with aches, pains and headaches.

Very interesting about the side effects of your blood pressure medications and your huge drop in BP after quitting.

Solpadeine is a much more dangerous drug than people think, not least for cardiovascular reasons.

Re: Free at last by StormAtSeaStormAtSea, 20 Apr 2019 09:37
Free at last
Buzzy337Buzzy337 18 Apr 2019 13:54
in discussion Forum / My story » Free at last

Hi everyone
I am a male aged 64 now retired.
For over 25 years I was a solpadeine addict. The usual 2 in the morning to wake me up and then further ones during the tday as a treat for having accomplished or completed something.
I knew the position of every pharmacy in the area and rotated to avoid being banned as an addict.
Buying 1 or 2 packets when going on holiday even chancing going to Dubai where arrest is a possibility.
I was diagnosed with high blood pressure 5 years ago and given a prescription.
Although reasonably fit I suffered from aching muscles and joints. Three months ago i read about a person that forgot their hbp medication when they took a holiday and their similar pains disappeared.
I stopped taking my tablets for 6 weeks and did feel a lot better. I spoke to my doctor to change my tablets for an alternative.
She checked my blood pressure which was 180 over 140 - sky high.iwas given water tablets and advised not to do any vigorous exercise. cut salt from my diet and change my lifestyle.
My wife and I have a low salt intake and I only drink caffeine free tea and coffee.
The massive sodium and caffeine content of solpadeine were the main cause of my problems.
Four weeks ago I went cold turkey.
Withdrawal was easier than I expected. When i had sweats and aches I drank a little salt water or added a little more salt to my food to make up the massive drop in sodium.
If a headache started I drank an espresso with caffeine which seemed to kill it.
It's now 4 weeks since I stopped and a check of my blood pressure today was down to 119 over 80 - just about normal.
I advise everyone with our addiction to stop now. This poison is slowly and surely killing you or shortening your life.
Make that step and stop today. Take it a day at a time and don't look back - your future without Solpadeine is so much brighter.

Free at last by Buzzy337Buzzy337, 18 Apr 2019 13:54
AlfiemoonAlfiemoon 15 Apr 2019 15:20
in discussion Forum / My story » Alfiemoon

After 25yrs of being in the grip of these tablets ( solpedeine plus) i am down to 1 tablet per day, im on 2nd wk and am beginig to feel as i dont need them anymore, i am going to take half next wk then that is it,ive been into chemists and have had no urge to buy them it is possible folks there will be sonething in your life that will give you strength to quit mine was my grandson

Alfiemoon by AlfiemoonAlfiemoon, 15 Apr 2019 15:20

You're very welcome, Jody. I responded to your query about withdrawal symptoms on the other thread. If you find the above too fast for your body and your withdrawal symptoms are persisting, you could always do two days at each stage instead of one day. That might be a bit easier on your system.

Very best of luck,


Re: 1 week free!!
StormAtSeaStormAtSea 11 Nov 2018 15:41
in discussion Forum / My story » 1 week free!!

Hi Jody,

These symptoms are absolutely maddening but rest assured that they do go away within a couple of weeks. Even with slow reduction, withdrawal symptoms can occur. Things I have found helpful include exercise, if you can manage it, and meditation or autogenic training - basically, any kind of relaxation technique, practiced a few times a day. I wrote a post on that. It's near the top of this forum. It includes links to YouTube and other videos that might be of help to you. Drinking plenty of water and non-caffeinated fluids also helps (not fizzy water or fizzy drinks, though, as they can promote a headache).

Mel on this board has been finding a plant-based diet helpful to keep pain at bay. If you Google plant-based diets, you should find some helpful information. Dr John McDougall, Dr Joel Fuhrman, Dr Michael Greger, Dr Michael Klaper, Dr Laurie Marbas, Dr Caldwell Esselstyn and Dr Dean Ornish are good plant-based doctors to start with, if you are interested in knowing more about this anti-inflammatory (and painkilling) way of eating.

Wishing you all the very best,


Re: 1 week free!! by StormAtSeaStormAtSea, 11 Nov 2018 15:41

Thank you this has been so helpful Storm.

Re: 1 week free!!
Jody070378Jody070378 07 Nov 2018 13:14
in discussion Forum / My story » 1 week free!!

Congratulations šŸŽŠ I wanted to write and say hi. I'm going through very strange withdrawal. I'm anxious, sweating, restless, but I'm reducing them slowly as per pharmacist suggested. I was on them for pain relief in hospital. Do you remember your withdrawal symptoms and do they go away eventually? I'm going crazy!

Re: 1 week free!! by Jody070378Jody070378, 07 Nov 2018 13:14

Hi all,

I got re-hooked on Solpadeine earlier this year and found it very hard to quit. I couldn't face cold turkey but my usual tapering methods kept triggering a migraine.

I looked at the tapering issue again and decided to do it in a different way. What I have been doing is working very well for me. It is fast and comfortable. I have been feeling a bit dizzy at times but that's par for the course. I have had the odd mild headache - almost unnoticeable.

I was taking eight tablets a day (four doses of two tablets) before I started to quit. I have been doing the following:

1. For a couple of days, I made sure to take my four doses at very regular hours: 2 tablets at 9:00, 2 at 13:00, 2 at 17:00 and 2 at 21:00. You could stretch the gap between doses to 4.5 or 5 hours. That would mean taking your last dose later, which might make things easier in the night by stopping withdrawal symptoms from starting in the night.

2. I decided to reduce by one tablet a day. My secret weapon, however, was to take a quarter of a tablet off each dose, rather than simply dropping one whole tablet. Doing it that way keeps caffeine and codeine levels in the bloodstream more stable, avoiding the sudden drop-off of caffeine and codeine that can trigger a withdrawal headache. So, on day two, I took 1.75 tablets at 9:00, 1.75 at 13:00, 1.75 at 17.00 and 1.75 at 21:00.

3. On day 3, I took another quarter off each dose, so I had: 1.5 tablets at 9:00, 1.5 at 13.00, 1.5 at 17.00 and 1.5 at 21.00.

4. On day 4, I took another quarter off each dose, so I had: 1.25 tablets at 9:00 and at every other dose.

5. On day 5, I took another quarter off each dose, so I had 1 tablet four times a day (always keeping those regular hours).

6. On day 6, I removed another quarter, so I had four doses of 0.75 of a tablet.

7. On day 7, I lobbed off another quarter, so I had four doses of 0.5 of a tablet.

8. On day 8, I chopped another quarter off, so I had four doses of 0.25 of a tablet.

9. On day 9, I was free.

This is by far the easiest and most comfortable tapering method I have tried.

Additional things that helped:

Doing Autogenic Training / meditation / relaxation techniques several times a day to reduce stress hormones in the body: very, very helpful!

Drinking water and chamomile tea

Exercising: cycling and walking and working up a bit of a sweat


Tapering Solpadeine easily by StormAtSeaStormAtSea, 05 Nov 2018 16:33

Hi Bobo,

Many thanks for this information. Very interesting and useful. I knew that each tablet contained nearly 500mg of sodium and that sodium increases heart attack and stroke risk but I didn't know that sodium withdrawal caused symptoms like headache, nausea, sweating and vomiting - all classic Solpadeine withdrawal symptoms.

Well done for quitting. It's not easy.


Hello, first time on here. I've read quite a few posts about Solpadeine withdrawal symptoms which are completely correct and awful to have to go through. What many don't know about the types that dissolve in water is the high sodium content. Each tablet contains 437mg of sodium. Basically if you take a full 8 tablet dose that's over 3,500mg's of sodium every day! That's over twice the daily recommended amount for an adult. Salt/sodium can be incredibly addictive too. Below is an extract from a news article.
When the rodents were in need of salt, brain cells made proteins more usually linked to addiction to substances such as heroin, cocaine and nicotine.
Sodium withdrawal symptoms can cause headaches, nausea, sweating and vomiting.
If you cut down or go cold turkey with the Solpadeine keeping sodium levels up for a few days is a must. The sodium content in these are one of the reasons I quit. It puts your chances of heart attack or stroke up by 23% which doesn't sound much but if you smoke or have a poor diet that will increase the percentage even more.
Good luck to all that are in the process of quitting. Hope this information helps šŸ˜Š

I've been having an interesting experience over the past week.

I had got way into a new Solpadeine cycle due to migraine, averaging eight tablets a day.

Last Thursday/Friday, I took 12 tablets in 24 hours for migraine. They were not working effectively. They would help for an hour or two and then the pain would return. I was scared to stop taking them, though, in case I triggered an excruciating cold turkey.

Solpadeine was also making me feel really weird in the head at this point. It's hard to describe but it was a kind of dizziness that made me scared to leave the house.

Since the previous Friday I had been doing autogenic training, which is a relaxation technique a bit like mindfulness. There are lots of videos on YouTube about it, e.g. and

I also started doing 'eco-meditation' ( - link to meditation audio halfway down the page).

I was practicing these techniques for an entirely different reason; I had a very anxiety-provoking appointment coming up and I wanted to be clear-headed and calm for it. After it was over, though, I continued to practice them because they were pleasant and relaxing.

I sleep very badly, which is a terrible migraine trigger. I would sometimes nod off during the day while listening to autogenic relaxation videos but that was OK. I wasn't working, so I played the meditations several times a day. I think the extra sleep helped, too.

The day after my migraine I only took six Solpadeine, probably because I still had enough in my system to knock out a horse. The following day, though, I decided to risk five, and for two days after that four tablets each. Today I am on three. Tomorrow will be two and the next day one.

I haven't had a single headache, migraine or withdrawal symptom except for a sore upper back one day (a leftover from a serious car crash). I haven't finished my withdrawal yet but it is going well so far and I know for sure that it is down to these techniques because I have been doing little else different. I have been strict about staying away from caffeine - even decaffeinated coffee - and that is important for me, but I have had a couple of drinks, which would usually be a problem, and I was fine afterwards.

I hope this might be of help to others, too. I have prolonged Solpadeine cycles because I am so scared of the withdrawal migraine but this approach seems to nip it in the bud and remove the fear.

Re: 2 days clean
akshay orthoakshay ortho 27 Jun 2018 07:24
in discussion Forum / My story » 2 days clean

Iā€™m working in ICU and work 12hr shifts and started having plantar fasciitis and orthofeet shoes have solved my problem. I wish they were a little more stylish, but at this point I choose style over function. I see that they have a new color and I will most definitely purchase these again when they need to be replaced.

Re: 2 days clean by akshay orthoakshay ortho, 27 Jun 2018 07:24
Re: 2 days clean
A333014A333014 09 Jun 2018 14:22
in discussion Forum / My story » 2 days clean

Hi Jbird52 how have you got on? Reading your post I would say I was in the same boat. Two tablets (soluble Solpadeine Max) first thing in the morning then repeat 2 or three times during the day. I had been rotating which pharmacies I used, between 5 local shops and kept a secret stash in an old rucksack! The secret stash is still there to be honest and so far I am 12 days clean This morning was the first day I woke up without a headache even though I'd drunk a bottle of white wine the previous evening

Re: 2 days clean by A333014A333014, 09 Jun 2018 14:22

Hi Mel,

Thank you for the above post. I found it very helpful.

I'm just wondering how you are doing with your plant-based diet? Is it continuing to work for you to reduce pain? And has it eliminated your need for Solpadeine by tackling the pain at source?

I have just started to eat this way in the hope that it will crush my migraine-related need for Solpadeine.

Many thanks.


Re: Want to quit solpadeine by StormAtSeaStormAtSea, 07 Jun 2018 09:43

PS Somebody further back on the forum (I think Mel…?) started eating a plant-based diet to fight inflammation and found it helpful. I'd be very interested in any updates on this. Many thanks.

Re: Cold turkey (again) by StormAtSeaStormAtSea, 31 May 2018 12:46

Hi all,

Well, if there's one thing I've discovered, it's that nothing works for me all of the time. Sometimes I can taper; sometimes I can't. Sometimes water helps; sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes CBD oil is effective in killing pain; sometimes it is not.

I started tapering my Solpadeine intake again early last week (I think). I was on eight tablets a day when I began. I am not sure if I went too fast (again!) or if extreme insomnia was the cause but I triggered off a 3.5-day migraine last weekend.

On day one of the migraine, I had already taken six whole Solpadeine tablets by 14:00. It didn't help in the slightest. So I decided there and then to quit cold turkey, helped by the fact that I had run out anyway and was feeling too crap to go to the pharmacy.

It lasted from Friday early morning to Monday lunchtime: headache, nausea, vomiting, unable to keep water down, etc.

On Monday, I found a few more Solpadeine tablets in an old bag. I wasn't actually searching for them but I came across them. I took two to get rid of the residual pain. They did nothing to help. The following day, I took one Solpadeine Extra tablet (no codeine) when I awoke with pain again. It didn't help. The day after that (yesterday) I awoke with pain yet again and took two Solpadeine. No use at all. Today, I have had no Solpadeine and don't desire it, even though it's very hot outside and my head is heavy. It's not worth it, though.

I have been drinking copious amounts of still water since I stopped vomiting. It has really helped but I have had to drink litres and litres.

The great thing is, I am not craving Solpadeine at all. I think it's because I am making sure I'm hydrated. I have also quit drinking coffee and tea and other caffeinated drinks and I feel so much better without them.

Since my migraine, I have had one abysmal night's sleep (I felt wired, for some reason - it might have been because I had some chocolate in the evening - not much, but perhaps it was disruptive…) but two excellent nights' sleeps (about eight hours, which use to be a very occasional event). This is partly due to the caffeine in Solpadeine no longer interrupting my sleep cycles but it is also due to not having to go to the loo in the night. Solpadeine used to irritate my bladder so much that even on days when I drank no tea or coffee, I'd have to make repeated trips to the loo and never got a full night's sleep. It was a waking nightmare.

I hope you are all doing OK.

Take care,


Cold turkey (again) by StormAtSeaStormAtSea, 31 May 2018 12:26

PPS Water on its own didn't help me. It was the combination of water and sea salt that did the trick.

PS I'd suggest checking with your doctor first to make sure it's safe for you to do. I think there are some contraindications on the website regarding specific conditions, or if you are on medication.

Something that might help a lot…

Check this out. I used it this week to get rid of a horrible headache. I used Maldon salt flakes (because they are sea salt and don't burn on the tongue like some salts do) and cold (but not freezing) tap water.

I had a nasty headache from Wednesday to Friday. On Friday morning, I awoke with stabbing migraine pain above and behind my left eye, as usual. Two doses of Solpadeine did practically nothing to help. By lunchtime, I was ravenous and in pain, yet also repulsed by the thought of food and unable to eat.

I remembered the water cure website above and checked out the proportion of water to salt. I had tried the cure before but it hadn't worked because I hadn't used enough salt due to fears about high blood pressure, which I have.

This time, I used enough salt. I dissolved a large pinch of Maldon flakes on my tongue and washed them down with a pint of tap water. Immediately, my migraine was 70-80% gone. I did the same thing again and it evaporated completely.

I am still tapering Solpadeine because I was too scared to go cold turkey in case the pain returned but I am now doing so by one full tablet per day, not by halves or quarters. I have about a week to go before I am free, as long as dissolving salt on my tongue and then drinking copious amounts of water continues to work for pain.

I'd recommend reading the whole site. I found the sections on the protocol, addiction, pain and alcoholism (while thinking of drugs instead) particularly helpful.

I think rehydration is part of it but I also think mineral balance is too, though I don't understand why. That is why they recommend sea salt over ordinary table salt.

If you use bottled water, use still water not sparkling. Sparkling contains something (maybe the carbonic acid?) that makes headache and migraine pain a LOT worse.

I know the stories on the website are anecdotal but I feel they still have value. No one is making a profit out of water and sea salt.

It makes you need to go to the loo more but not as badly as you might expect. I find I am getting up far *less* in the night to pee because the water is diluting the caffeine in Solpadeine. Caffeine is a bladder irritant. It makes you need to go urgently, even though you might not have much fluid in your bladder.

I hope this helps you as much as it appears to be helping me…

I'll let you know how I get on this week.

All the best,


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