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Hi everyone I'm new to this forum: I've been taking Solpadeine for approx.7 years now, my GP suggested them for back pain, and I slowly but surely became a constant user, I've been taking 6-8 a day, every day, for the last few years, quite a horrendous abuse when I think about it! In the last ten days I've deiced to try and come off them, I relapsed and had 6 over the last week only, but haven't had any now for 3 days, but the withdrawal symptoms are awful, I've had a constant headache now for three days, as well as gastro problems (gurgling stomach, stomach pains and gas), constant yawning, cant sleep because of restless legs, and I've also got some hypersensitivity. About 6 months ago my local chemist refused to sell Solpadeine to me, and it was then I knew I had a problem. To avoid that embarrassment again, I just wet around other chemists in the town where they didn't know me and buy then there, and when I think abut this, it's quite sad really. I suppose I'm going through what's called 'cold turkey' at the moment, and it's awful!! But I'm determined to come off this poison once and for all !!

One last note.. These Solpadeine's (Side effects) can be different for each person.. One post I read was a guy who had 'fits' when going cold turkey! I wouldn't recommend anyone to go cold turkey, especially if they are long term users like myself. It's a battle of wills' you against them.. If I can come off these, anyone can!

Cheers Chris.. Having weaned down from 8-10 a day, this is my 6th day clear of these solpadeine tablets. Re side effects,..All the tiredness I had was down to the caffeine, but I feel great ATM considering! Thankfully, I've no craving for these tablets any more. The phantom headaches, itchy eyes, irritable legs have gone and I'm sleeping much better.
This morning I found 2 Solpadeine in hidden in my sock drawer and instantly threw them in the bin..
I'm sure there's no long term damage to my liver as I would know by now. Stomach feels good (No ulcers).. I'm now trying to eat more healthily and exercise..
I've told my wife everything about the solpadeine addiction and course I have taken.. No need to post on here on that, but all is super!
Look after yourself Chris, and good luck if you manage to stop.. A lot is down to will power and now you have acknowledged the problem, then your half way there.. ATB

Well Done Andy. All the best for returning to a life without Solpadeine.
I'm currently weaning off them after taking them daily for 2 years.
I was taking them for sinusitus at first, now it's just for that warm fuzzy feeling.
Horrible things.

Please keep up the updates, Its good to hear other peoples experiences, it helps a lot more than you might think.



Giving up
Given upGiven up 20 Mar 2017 18:31
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Hi, I have been using Solpadeine for a few years after a back injury. I decided to stop as I was using more and more and worried about liver damage. I stopped two days ago, this is my 3rd day without any at all. Feel tired and have a headache and upset stomach, but not too horrendous so far. I don't find it easy to just reduce things and do everything cold turkey…..I was away in Vietnam last year and codeine can't be bought there, so I had to stop. I got a friend to bring me a box over and felt completely sick when I took two of them. Think we build up such a tolerance that it just seems normal. Anyway, fingers crossed that this works out ok for me, and everyone else who is trying to quite

Giving up by Given upGiven up, 20 Mar 2017 18:31

Lastly.. Sand.. If you can Coe off the alcohol, you can come off the fizzies! Clear and clean your whole body off these drugs and think of your health and family.. New start ok?!

Hi Sand.. Pleased your coming to terms with what's going on with your life and these 'fizzy' tablets. For some going cold turkey may work, but cutting down for a few weeks before packing them in will at least give you an idea of what withdrawal symptoms you may get. I have listed my ones in previous posts..
I've been clear of solpadeine now for only 3 days and although my body feels like taken them, my mind is stronger and I don't.
Even this morning I have a dry tongue, and still, at night, have restless legs, but for the first time I slept okay (Usually can't sleep well).
Please keep at it Sand.. I will watch out for your posts.. ATB

And I don't want to die ….. 😭

Hello everyone I'm new here and thank God I found you all …Andy you are Amazing and inspiring me so much to start to taper off the hell of solpadene that before I got sober from alcohol which I thought was my problem lol I have been over two years alcohol free but these little fizzy pills that where a problem way before the drink but certainly nothing like now have took over my life and I more than anyone should know about addiction but I never treated that when I was in rehab as I never thought it was a problem boy was I wrong… from tomorrow I'm going to slowly taper off because I know withdrawal….And I could never go through that Hell again … I will keep posting and any tips or advice would be so appreciated I'm full of shame guilt and remorse once again 😥 I want to live a sober and truthful life ….

Feeling good and 'normal' this morning.. Drinking loads and keeping busy. Re the costs on these Solpadeine., I remembered paying £1.50 ish 30 years ago for a box of 60! Now I'm free of these addictive over counter drugs, I am saving on at least 2 packets of 32 I would normally get through in a week! That's around £40 p month..

Posting on here seems a bit silly, but I don't care, it's therapy! Anyone who does read this obviously has a problem or knows someone who does.. I just hope I contribute positively.
I think I am as near as damn it to 2 weeks weaning myself of Solpadeine, so from today I have taken none. (Only one yesterday). I still have an urge, but not so much it became a 'need'..
My eyes are quite red and tired (Itchy). I am still yawning a hell of a lot and my legs are still quite restless in bed. However, I'm surprised my stomach is fine and no 'serious' side effects,..yet. It could well be very early days yet, so jury out on that?..
I feel quite elated I have came this far considering I've been on Solpadeine for over 30 years 8-10 a day. I'm surprised my liver hasn't packed up! I've no idea if there is already any long term damage, jeez I hope not, but I feel fine.. (apart from side effects I've noted above).
Anyone reading this will know taking solpadeine in your home environment is difficult,.. hiding glasses in cubby's, taking them in the toilet, go through to the kitchen when tv adverts come on.. I can list more scenarios!!.. And search all drawers, coats and car when you run out!! Ring any bells?? Writing this down just shows myself what a problem I had, and it was a real problem.. Nevertheless, from today I am off these poison Solpadeine's and will not pander to them anymore…. I'm feel confident and strong enough now.
Please,..anyone taking Solpadeine, stop doing so, they can and will ruin, not only your health, but your family too.. I will post again in 2-3 days..ATB 🙏

Reading your post, it's as if I AM talking to you. I can relate to what you're saying.

Although i hide my activities, the wife knows full well what's going and how many i take a day. (8)

The only difference is, she doesn't nag me and sometimes i wish she did so it would give me the motivation to do something about it.

And yet she wants to see the man she met.

I really feel for you. The takers and the ones that love us are all in a terrible place.

Thank you…its actually nice to just talk about it. Its a banned subject in our house due to my 'nagging'. I know this isnt the real reason, its because he is avoidant and defensive. For now i have to ignore whats going on and be prepared for a caring role when his organs start to shut down. We are off on holiday this summer…im hoping they check the bags and wont allow codeine based products into the country without prescription….sounds mean but i would love a week where i actually start to see the bloke i love. Sounds like a contradiction but he wasnt taking as much when we first met….

I'ts around 9-10 days now since I cut down on these solpadeines,. I still have the urge to take them.. First time for a while I have slept better.. but an hour ago around 5.30am I woke up with a headache and normally I would just plop a few into a glass. Instead I made a cup tea and an hot or so later until now, feel much better. I'm sure these headaches are 'ghost' headaches and trying to trick me into getting a fix' - Other posts I've read say similar.. I've still got that 'hollow' feel in my stomach though..
Bit crazy, but I do still carry a few solpadeine with me everywhere. Call it a crutch or need' but at least when I get back from work, they are still there in my pocket!
Most of the pharmacies, infact all of them know me and some hand me these tablets without me even asking.. I have been refused from two in my local area.. Writing this down here makes me sound like a mad person, but that's what these tablets do to you..they make you fee like it's a normal thing to do.. Well it isn't and I will be stopping for good from Saturday this week..

Hi Shas.. Thankyou.. I'm still taking 2 tablets a day. I was going to take 3, but felt good keeping it to 2, one sometime in the morning and one 4-5pm late afternoon. This helps as I was getting so fed up taking tablets st night before bed and stomach rumbled in bed next to my wife.. I tried turning over just so couldn't hear me! Crazy eh?! 10 years or so ago, I was hospitalised a few times from stomach cramps, so bad I thought I was going to die!
I was going to give these up after a month, but by cutting down, I'm doing this after 2 weeks.. I just thought enough is enough and not getting any younger.. I'm 54yrs.. TBH, I am surprised I am not taking more..but I am happy I got through the first week without much side effects, Just tiredness, yawning a lot, itchy eyes, restlessness and found myself getting up 2-3-4am.. I still can't sleep through the night, but I'm very happy as I thought this process would have been more difficult..
I've not said a word to my wife about giving these up as she would just say "Yeh right" and not believe me.. I'm doing this for my own well being and want to be around for my grandchildren.. However, I do need to apologise to my wife for putting up with me and my solpadeine addiction. I should put on here my full story of these dreadful tablets.. Maybd later when I know myself I have given up… I think once you admit to yourself there's a problem and why spend £25 a week on this stupid habit.. then you will realise you have really got to make a stance.. Please do If friend, please.. Surprise yourself !

I am following your posts closely and appreciate your honesty. I have been on them similar amount of time and thinking of coming off. You are inspiring me to do this.

Headaches have gone now after 6 days but still feel a lot tired than normal. A few times I've put a solpadeine into a glass, looked at it, poured it down the sink, refilled the glass with water and drank that… crazy, but seems to help! Now taking only 2 tablets a day, but scared to give up totally yet. I read a post on a guy who went cold turkey and he had a fit ! Scares the shot out of me.. Another week on 2 a day, then stop for good..

This is my third day now after cutting down to 3 tablets a day (from 8-10 Ave). One thing I notice is how tired I am. Keep yawning. I've also got sore eyes and a bit of a headache. My stomachs seems to be okay. I'm also still wakening up in middle of the night.. Like a previous post I read, I am drinking a lot and trying to stay busy. I'm feeling confident ATM, but early days..

Just read your thread, post is over s year old, but would be good to hear you were successful.. Can you tell me if you managed to quit? ATB Andy..

Today is the first day I'vecreallt admitted to myself I have a problem taking these damn solpadiene tablets. Like many, never really saw it as a problem until you start making unnecessary journeys just to pick some up.. J take on average around 10 per day. Today again! Yes again is the first day I am cuttingbthdm down and really hope I can wean myself off these dreadful tablets. It's 4pm now and today only tKen 2.. 1 this morning and another 3pm.. hoping to make the last one around 7pm,. That will make 3 for the day. I will post on here how I feel tomorrow. I am hoping to do this over a month before binning the lot!
I think by reading these threads, most know by now symptoms? I can if anyone wishes list problems I've had over the years, but being my first post on here, keep it a bit short.. Thanks for reading.. Andy

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