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Hi Storm,

I am sorry you became re-addicted to Solpadeine.

I too became addicted because of severe migraine. I took them for over 10 years and at times took them more frequently than every four hours. My migraine always began with a toothache and once I got the pain I immediately took two solpadeine. Always the soluble ones as for some reason the capsules didn’t work as well. Then I started to take them just in case I got a headache and at the height of my addiction was taking about 14 tablets in 24 hours.

Last August I became depressed which necessitated taking time off work. I spoke to my GP about my solpadeine addiction and she was tremendously helpful and supportive. This was the first time I’d admitted I had a problem. She prescribed Solpadeine for me and tapered my tablets by 1 daily for one week, 2 daily the following week etc until I wasn’t taking any by Christmas. I had bad rebound headaches but could tolerate them as I was off work and therefore not stressed about not being able to work.

I started to use soluble paracetamol instead of solpadeine for my headaches and they are as effective. Since using them I have fewer migraines. That’s possibly because I’m now post menopausal and my migraines were very linked to my menstrual cycle. My dependence on Solpadeine was as much psychologic as physical. I associated the plop and fizzy sound with pain relief.

Codeine was the addiction for me. And it feels wonderful to be free of it now.

I think your plan sounds perfect for you. My gradual reduction of Solpadeine and using soluble paracetamol worked for me.

My working life is very stressful and I don’t think I’d have been able to eliminate Solpadeine from my life if I had been at work. It’s very difficult coming off Solpadeine but it’s achievable. You know this as you’ve managed it before. I wish you all the success in the world.

This is my first time posting anything on this forum. I read many posts here when I was tapering my intake and your posts helped me so much. Thank you :-)

I know you can beat this. Be kind to yourself and you’ll be in my thoughts.

Jeannie xxx

Hi All,

I've been taking solpadeine for about 2/3 years now. I never exceeded the stated dose but have at times took an extra tablet or two within the recommended 4 hour period between doses. If i don't have solpadeine, i've just taken panadol extra, its just a dirty habit.

I've got liver tests done before and they have came back with elevated enzymes.

I'm getting twinges in my upper right abdomen for the last few months and i'm starting to panic. I do feel very fatigued alot but otherwise don't have any major symptoms.

How would i know this is something serious or if i've developed Cirrhosis. Could keeping within the recommended dose each day still result in liver disease.

I'm just a 26 year old male.

The twinges come and go throughout the day. I'm worried something catastrophic will happen with me some day.

Any advice is much appreciated.

Liver pain 26 years of age by pmackeypmackey, 09 Apr 2018 11:23

This is day 20 or 21 no more of those Fizy Solps for me .Afrtr putting my heart and soul into Kicking these horrible Bastards it been tough and I have headake and diarrhea but nothing beats the satisfaction I have of being in control and not the solps they tried to get me but I am stron


Re: 7 days never again by LotteryplusLotteryplus, 30 Mar 2018 10:56

One full week down 10 boxes of 24 tablets in ground of me
I have opened and cursed every one of them as I dropped each BASTARD in the water this is it after 5 years no going back in my mind I have finally done it no panick because I have none no running to different pharmacies lieing about pain’ yes I do have withdrawal symptoms
But I’ve had enough of this drug controlling me now I’m in control It’s done the 240 tablets are now part of my lawn and I hope to plant something on the spot I wonder will it grow
Best wishes to all you CAN BEAT THIS EVEL BASTARD

7 days never again by Tjhomas  Ireland Tjhomas Ireland , 17 Mar 2018 13:57

Hi all,

I have become re-addicted to Solpadeine (Solpadeine Plus in the UK) due to migraine and toothache. My attempts to taper it off have not been working this time.

My neurologist told me to go cold turkey because anything else would prolong the agony. In theory he's right but I can't face the migraine I know I will suffer if I quit abruptly.

I take between 6-10 soluble tablets per day (typically 7-8 at the moment - 10 only when I have a bad headache), always leaving at least four hours between doses.

I had a novel idea, though, and was wondering if anyone else has tried the following?

A new Solpadeine has come on the market: Solpadeine Extra. I think it's called Solpadeine Headache in the UK. It comes in a white packet. It contains 500mg paracetamol, 65mg caffeine and 0mg codeine in each tablet (same as Panadol Extra, I think). The caffeine content is twice that of a Solpadeine Plus tablet (30mg).

Solpadeine Plus withdrawal symptoms can be horrid, especially the withdrawal headache/migraine people often experience. In my experience, though, the worst migraine trigger is NOT codeine withdrawal but CAFFEINE withdrawal, which also occurs when one quits Solpadeine Plus or Max.

So I reasoned… If I swap two Solpadeine Plus tablets (30mg x 2 of caffeine) for one Solpadeine Extra tablet (65mg of caffeine) I'll be halving my paracetamol dose and obliterating my codeine dose in one fell swoop, while still getting a measured-out dose of caffeine.

That means swapping eight Solpadeine Plus per day for just four Solpadeine Extra, taken at regular intervals; then, after a day or two of getting used to that, reducing my Solpadeine Extra intake by a quarter of a tablet per day until I reach zero. By quitting caffeine in a slow, regular manner, I am hoping to avoid triggering a withdrawal migraine.

Has anyone else tried this? Please let me know if you have and how you fared.

I'll let you know how I get on. Fingers crossed.


Well done!

Did you have bad withdrawal symptoms?

I was off Solpadeine for a while but got drawn back in due to multiple pains, even though I'm well aware of what it can do to the body.

I'm finding it hard to stop again because I get terrible migraines when I do. My -0.25 tablet a day tapering trick isn't working (it keeps kicking off bad headaches; migraine was the reason I started taking Solpadeine in the first place).

My neurologist told me to stop cold turkey (I am taking 7-8 a day). Maybe I should just bite the bullet but I'm scared of the pain because I know how bad it can be.

Re: Shiver me liver. by StormAtSeaStormAtSea, 15 Feb 2018 13:23
Kicking the habit
Sammie76Sammie76 11 Feb 2018 19:38
in discussion Forum / My story » Kicking the habit

Hello I have hovered on this site in the past and after much deliberation have decided to post and write my story. My addiction pretty much started in my
Last year of uni and has been there (bar when pregnant didn’t go near anything for the entire pregnancy but that is what anyone would do) all along so about 12-13 years or so. I want to give my body and health the best fighting chance and can feel that the effects of solps are making me hazy in life and in the workplace! I normally have about 6 tablets (in 2’s) a day with the 4 hours apart. If a bad day 8. Also there is new legislation regarding driving and the taking of drugs like solpadeine and as a driver I would never forgive myself if I fell on the wrong side of the law through my addiction.
I have done about 36 hours so far and have had the most horrendous rebound headache today but I need to do it. If I admit it I was looking for 2 stray solps this afternoon but thankfully none to be seen. I want to do this but it’s hard has anyone got any stories where they have succeeded and any advice? I managed over 9 months when pregnant so think I can do it.

Kicking the habit by Sammie76Sammie76, 11 Feb 2018 19:38
Shiver me liver.
SmimpSmimp 09 Feb 2018 16:42
in discussion Forum / My story » Shiver me liver.

I took between 8 and 16 Solpadeine Max a day for about five years. I took a whole pack in 24 hours several times. Three months ago, I stopped.

Shiver me liver. by SmimpSmimp, 09 Feb 2018 16:42
TMI - Foamy urine
enoughenough 18 Dec 2017 15:18
in discussion Forum / My story » TMI - Foamy urine

Hi , I've been taking approx 4-6 tablets every day for about 3 years.
In the past few days I've noticed foam/bubbles in my urine. Might this be due to the solpadeine?
Has this happened to anyone else?

TMI - Foamy urine by enoughenough, 18 Dec 2017 15:18
Re: 1 week free!!
nobuenobue 09 Dec 2017 19:58
in discussion Forum / My story » 1 week free!!

me the same man

been in and out for over 8 years but lastly i was more addicted than ever and upgrade sometimes to 6 a day, came to spain to visit family where they dont sell them, ( i live in UK ) and man flu effects hitted me hard, sweating feeling down and weak been feeling like shite for 4 days and looks like its not stopping

i really wanna quit its so not worth it

Re: 1 week free!! by nobuenobue, 09 Dec 2017 19:58
1 week free!!
PoseyRoseyPoseyRosey 29 Nov 2017 16:19
in discussion Forum / My story » 1 week free!!

Hi guys :) I just thought I’d send a message as I’ve been addicted to solpadeine for 4/5 years (I’m only 21) and I’ve been 1 week now without any. I know that may not sound like a long time but it’s such a huge deal to me! When I first stopped, I became so ill (flu like symptoms) and I thought to myself there was no way I’d be able to go without taking them. I was aching, sweating, all the normal withdrawal symptoms.. but I’ve never felt better! I get the odd headache here and there but so much more bareable than the rebound headaches I was getting before. I suffer from depression and I think they were a huge part player, but also the reason I started as they made me happy and fuzzy but towards the end they were the things making me angry and crying. I’m just writing to say that it does get better and it is possible, no matter how impossible it may seem!!! My mum keeps a box in the house for herself and I haven’t even been tempted (maybe slightly..) but I just saw the end goal and knew enough was enough! These drugs are evil and I’m so glad I’m rid. Going to save all the money I would have spend and treat myself :) I wish everyone the best of luck in their journey and just know it is possible!! I’m only 21 and it’s so sad that these took over the best years of my life.

1 week free!! by PoseyRoseyPoseyRosey, 29 Nov 2017 16:19

My partner takes about 4 solpadine tablets a day - every day and I would say this has been going on for months and months…..
I have spoken to him about it but he just says its the only thing that helps and whats the problem as plenty of people take painkillers for things all the time and they arent addicted.
He was taking them for hangovers - which for him go on for days - but now I notice he takes them every day and is getting through a box of 32 a week at least.
I am upset that he just ignores me when I tell him its not right - so now have stopped saying anything….

Re: Back again....
Dellie17Dellie17 11 Nov 2017 20:30
in discussion Forum / My story » Back again....

So I'm new too this site, however have desperately been thinking / hoping to quit solos for sooooo long! I've been taking them since I came off strong co codamol after and operations 10 yrs ago. I did quit as soon as I found out I was pregnant 6 yrs, then after a bad birth, resulting in another operation I was bk on them 😥 X pregnant again and bad split pelvic condition i unfortunately did take just 1 maybe at night due to pain ….. after finishing ready feeding bk on them full force and worse than ever - 3 yrs on and with 2 young children, low energy and low moods I'm currently taking 10/12 a day, normally with co codamol (30/500) …. as they don't work like they use too. If I don't take them my moods / energy are sooo low!! When I don't take the co codamol with them the shoulder pain I get is just awful, unable to sleep - so bad circle begins again!! I really want too quit them both now, for my family/moods/ energy ….. I feel such a failure. But honestly without them I struggle to cope day to day and feel I'm an awful cranky mum / wife!! I've dropped hints to my doctor who just brushes it aside and says we will try and drop the co codamol 1 tablet a wk - which I never do! Help!!!!!!

Re: Back again.... by Dellie17Dellie17, 11 Nov 2017 20:30
Re: Back again....
Joanna2017Joanna2017 31 Oct 2017 12:29
in discussion Forum / My story » Back again....

Hi Bazm,
I can understand how you feel. I have been clean now for 3 months but I feel like I am starting to slide into depression. I am not sure if the tablets were masking an underlying issue or if the quitting has made me depressed after the initial euphoria of quitting. Same as you I would be really interested to see if other people have suffered with this issue and any coping strategies.

Re: Back again.... by Joanna2017Joanna2017, 31 Oct 2017 12:29
2 days clean
jbird52jbird52 17 Oct 2017 19:14
in discussion Forum / My story » 2 days clean

Hi guys and gals, I've been addicted to solpadeine for 10 years now, I've tried to quit several times the longest I've gone has been two weeks. I would usually use 4 to 6 tabs a day, maybe 8 if I were hungover real bad. I made a promise to myself that I was gonna quit this year and I'm gonna stick to it! Only off them 2 days and I feel like I've been hit by a bus, pounding headache, cold sweat, aching limbs. This forum is really helpful, makes you realise that a lot of people are going through the same thing. I'll give an update in a week or so, still feels like the worst is yet to come.

2 days clean by jbird52jbird52, 17 Oct 2017 19:14
Back again....
Bazm Bazm 07 Oct 2017 07:19
in discussion Forum / My story » Back again....

Hi, i know this must be the same for everyone, last week I managed to go a full week taking maximum 4 a day, one day it was only two!.however now I'm back with a vengeance taking 8/10 a day. I realise there are many people taking many more than that but 10 a day is far too many. After my really good week, the weekend approached and on the Saturday morning i woke up in the worst mood I've ever been in. I don't like to say I was depressed, there are people out there with much worse problems, but I was really really down. I was horrible to people, i really felt like just going for a walk and never coming back. I convinced myself that I was missing these things too much, so come Sunday I was back on them. I'm also drinking more than I should, are these things linked? I was wondering if anyone had ever seeked medical advice on how to quit them? Whoever I tell about this there response is usually just ' well just stop taking them then' if only they knew!

Back again.... by Bazm Bazm , 07 Oct 2017 07:19
Allan solopadine
Allan ButlerAllan Butler 06 Oct 2017 13:40
in discussion Forum / My story » Allan solopadine

Hi to all . This my first time on this site ..well just to keep things short to start with…. I have been taking solopadine tablets since 1982. When they first came out . And I ve been hooked . Taking them for headaches and then over the years just as a replacement drink . Ie . I don't not drink alcohol so that's one good thing I guess .. about 8 years ago I ve had a few stays and ops I. Hospital and managed to come off them while in hospital and for a year after coming home .then one day I had got a splitting headache and just bought a small 16 box ..that's was about 10 months back ..But now i.m going back to my old ways . Trying to do the rounds of different chemists. So I can get my box of 32 tabs every other day … Must have about 10 chemist on tap ….Now just to back track a little at my highest intake I was having a 60 box every other day …Now I don't want to get to that stage ever again. So this is why I m looking for some HELP . With kicking these bloody things . .my wife is so proud of me for kicking them years ago .But I just cant bring my self to tell her i.m still on them and wasting so much money it's just crazy. Please can anyone give me the kick up the back side i need to. Get off these things .. please please .. any help.. info support..etc.. please Allan .. ps I have less than. 8 weeks before I go into hospital for my last double hernia job . And I want to get off these by then . Also my blood pressure as started to go up and i.m convinced this is because of taking These bloody tablets. .. . Sorry about going on .. but i.m at my wit's end what to do next . HELP PLEASE ….

Allan solopadine by Allan ButlerAllan Butler, 06 Oct 2017 13:40

Following on from my previous posts, I managed to quit taking Solpadeine in May this year. I should preface this by saying I've never suffered from migraines or bad headaches, so perhaps my journey getting off them was much easier than other people find. However they had been a constant in my life for 10 years and had been a friend/support to me throughout the tough times. Until Thursday last week when I relapsed and "fell of the wagon" I had managed to complete 3 months and 20 days without a fizzy after reluctantly being pressured into stopping by my wife. Not the best way to start the process of quitting. But as time went by and days and weeks clocked up without Solpadeine, I realised I really was finally quitting full stop. I don't believe I suffered too much in the way of withdrawl symptoms. I had a few minor headaches (very minor) and I noticed I got a lot of aching in my legs the first couple of weeks, but this quickly passed and I began to feel motivated by the challenge. As time passed, I used to sit at my desk calculating the number of fizzies I had avoided since stopping - the numbers were huge and all added to the motivation - Having quit for 5 days - 40 fizzies! 40 fizzies that would have been downed to be dealt with by my heart, liver and kidneys. 14 days - 112 fizzies! 31 days - 248 fizzies! In all honesty, I didn't feel any better/worse since I stopped - perhaps less spaced out and no more occasional dizziness which I had sometimes felt after consuming. But the knowledge that I felt in control and no longer was risking the quality/longevity of my life gave me satisfaction. In 3 months and 20 days, I avoided 896 fizzies containing copious amounts of sodium, paracetemol and codeine.!!!!
I wanted to contribute again to this forum because as well as I was doing, I did eventually relapse and start taking Solpadeine again. The reason I relapsed was because I wanted to. It wasn't an accident, it wasn't a spur of the moment decision. It was something I had considered for a few days, and decided I wanted to use again. What beat me in the end was DEPRESSION. The build up of so much stress, pressure, failures - working harder and harder to deal with my life, and struggling to see the results of the increasing hard work. A high pressure week at work, relationship pressures, a constantly crying 1 year old baby (although I love him to bits), everything involved in trying to make a nice home and the daily routines, renovation to the house and associated problems. It has all been relentless and I had felt totally alone in trying to relieve the problems and lift myself out of the depression. After consideration, I decided I wanted Solpadeine back in my life. I wanted the familiar feeling of reaching for the fizzies, tearing the strip and watching them dissolve into a glass of water. The pleasure of downing the contents and the resulting good feeling. I felt it would take the edge off whatever I was feeling in that moment and give renewed energy to the tasks in hand. I felt I needed the support of taking fizzies to get me through it all, get through life. So I purchased a box of 32 and consumed the first fix in 3 and a half months….
Happily after 5 days I quit again and flushed the remaining fizzies down the toilet. It's early days but I think the long break has shone a light on Solpadeine for me - having gone back to using I struggled to recapture what I felt I had with it in the past, it even tastes different. Yes it gave me an initial lift for an hour. But then I would immediately go to clock watching for the next 4 hour window to mindlessly consume again and again every 4 hours. And at the end of the day, I felt no better than when I was without it. I sit here feeling Solpadeine for me, for a long time has been something I've reached for to cope with life, instead of dealing with the things directly that have actually caused the depression in the first place. It's taken the break to finally shine a light on it all, as the break and using again are both so fresh, it's been easier to compare the two situations. I thought using again would make a difference, but it didn't at all. Ultimately I didn't want to go back to the world of Solpadeine again and everything that entailed. I'm not saying I'm now home free, but the break I think has been significant for me and being able to cut it permanently from my life. Achieving a break has shone a light on it all…
Good luck to everybody on here on their own paths

My story
Lilypop52Lilypop52 25 Sep 2017 08:01
in discussion Forum / My story » My story

Hi Chris,
I have just read your post, first of all well done for staying of the solps. The symptoms you are experiencing are classic solpedeine withdrawal symptoms and will subside in time. Something that may help if having sweats is have a bottle of water by your bed at night to stop you from dehydration and try drink lots of fresh water in general to help get it out of your system. Also listening to relaxing music before sleep may help you wind down I understand relaxing can be hard with two young children, but try take a little time to look after yourself and you will get through it just take one day at a time. I hope this is of help to you. If you have any concerns talking to your doctor may help. Anyway I hope you feel better soon and good luck with everything 👍

My story by Lilypop52Lilypop52, 25 Sep 2017 08:01
my story
ilovemysonsilovemysons 24 Sep 2017 19:58
in discussion Forum / My story » my story

Hello my name is Chris i am 23 and have 2 wonderful sons under 2 and a beautiful partner. I have underlying depression i think as most of my generation now unfortunately suffers and i deal with anxiety but these 2 things i feel i have under control now . i cannot explain how much finding this website has changed things for me regarding solpadeine.

i have been addicted for about 1 year- 1 and a half years now, something like most i am not proud of therefor i came to the decision enough was enough and approach my doctor - who gave me naproxen and told me to forget about solpadeine. So thats exactly what i did i didnt drink another, HOWEVER i was very uneducated as to what was about to happen going cold turkey.

This has been a very bad experience for me and my family and i really feel bad about it .. the first 5-7 days i had constant swets and flu like symptoms and unbearable pains in my legs back hips generally feeling poo. also not being able to sleep just constant tossing and turning feeling really unsettled anxious and depressed.

i really have been starting to feel like it will never end i am not currently on day 13 clean- still not sleeping brilliant and i keep waking up in a pool of sweat. i think im getting better to be honest i want to say to myself i have done really well but my legs and bum muscles are really painful and achy feeling i have been starting to do more excercise and will be seeing a physiotherapist on day 15. but its when i wake up from the 2-3 hours sleep iv had and it feels like i have a hangover x10 literally deaths door.

i am sorry to ramble but i want to make sure i can beat this for my family has anyone had these symptoms am i on the right track is it just time now or shall i be concerned??

my story by ilovemysonsilovemysons, 24 Sep 2017 19:58
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