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Re: My story
StormAtSeaStormAtSea 18 Jun 2019 13:47
in discussion Forum / My story » My story

Hi Walk_86,

Hope you're doing OK.

It's good to read your progress from day to day. It's an amazing achievement to have come off so many Solps so quickly. I found it hard to quit eight a day. Kudos to you and your partner.

I hope you are continuing to feel good.

All the best,


Re: My story by StormAtSeaStormAtSea, 18 Jun 2019 13:47
Re: My story
Walk_86Walk_86 11 Jun 2019 08:46
in discussion Forum / My story » My story

Day 11-12 and 13 I think.

Yesterday I wasn't letting me post for some reason but all is just the same. I still feel I can drop to 2 a day but as I've seen alot in here the morning one is the hardest to come off. I'm trying to train myself to take this later on in the day.

Please folks get help from friends and families. I've lost so much memories taking these and I want my life back. I no longer have the urge to have any in my pocket , I no longer have the insttusive thoughts I used to get , but I'm taking each day as it comes as I know as soon as I am unwell then it cannot all start again. Feeling fresher.

Speak soon and take care

Re: My story by Walk_86Walk_86, 11 Jun 2019 08:46
Re: My story
Walk_86Walk_86 08 Jun 2019 10:02
in discussion Forum / My story » My story

Day 11 and 12 hahaha

Forgot to update yesterday as I was off. Again sticking to the tablets. What helps more is my partner has written in everyone so she would know that I've taken more. I also have no urges to go to pharmacies. I still k is I have a long road ahead but what's life without challenges eh.

Anyway have a good Saturday folks

Re: My story by Walk_86Walk_86, 08 Jun 2019 10:02
Re: My story
Walk_86Walk_86 06 Jun 2019 07:28
in discussion Forum / My story » My story

Day 10. Wowsers

Still feeling great. No change in sleeping habits (may come when I'm down to 2 ) no change to toilet habits and no real migraines since reducing. This to me is a far better way of doing it.

I have taken up coaching and this has taken alot of things off my mind (feeling great , and not depressed and feeling better )

Have a good Thursday folks .


Re: My story by Walk_86Walk_86, 06 Jun 2019 07:28
Re: My story
Walk_86Walk_86 05 Jun 2019 06:31
in discussion Forum / My story » My story

👍day 9.

Still feeling pretty good considering I'm taking 4 X less. Sleeping well and eating good. Had alot of heart burn during the night. On this post I'll talk about the depression side. I didn't realise that these give you depression and couldn't figure out why I felt so low as I have beutiful wife and kids, good job but realise by reading the forum that this happens with these. Again ironic we take these fizzys to get a buzz but long term gives you depression , headaches , addiction and memory loss. 2 local guys have taken their life in the past 2 day (one is an athlete who had the world at his feet ) and depression is very real. From the outside looking in people can seem.jappy bit behind close doors it's a different story.

The UK needs to give more help for this.

Anyway again ill keep updating everyday

Re: My story by Walk_86Walk_86, 05 Jun 2019 06:31
Re: My story
Walk_86Walk_86 04 Jun 2019 08:11
in discussion Forum / My story » My story

😱day 8. Wow

Still no withdraw symptoms. Managed to go down to 4 easy enough. I have been addicted for 15 years and thought it would be harder. Maybe the heardest part still to come , maybe not but I can only hope. I used to take these for the sake of taking them. Same time everyday , same cup, same amount of tablets for no reason. I didn't get a buzz, I didn't have a headache so it's all in my head. I'm glad I'm down to 4/6. By the end of the month I will trial having none whatsaober and hopefully that will be the end of the journey. Not to say I might fall back in to it was. As I mentioned before I can only take soluble or capsules I can split so if I'm.ill in the future I might have to take 1 or 2.

Anyway folks I'll update tomorrow :)

Re: My story by Walk_86Walk_86, 04 Jun 2019 08:11
Re: My story
Walk_86Walk_86 03 Jun 2019 08:35
in discussion Forum / My story » My story

😁day 7…1 week , how many hours .

Yes I'm not completely free of these, but a massive start to the rest of my life. The happiness, the memories, more money . I had my 2 this morning , and don't get me wrong it gave me the little buzz I felt when I first took these, but I didn't want to take anymore (even though I don't have any more) I would normally be crabbit and yawning my head off already due to the amount of caffeine and codeine but feeling fresher today. .

Honestly folks if I can do it,any one can.

1. You have to be truthful to yourself a
2. Tell all the pharmacies as it will stop you going back
3. Some one needs to help (mum,dad, wife etc) it makes it far easier, but you need to do it for yourself.

I'll keep updating everyday until I'm finally off.

Re: My story by Walk_86Walk_86, 03 Jun 2019 08:35
Re: My story
Walk_86Walk_86 02 Jun 2019 11:08
in discussion Forum / My story » My story

Day 6.

Still craving them but yet I've not had nay withdrawal symptoms. Apart from being tired. I'm down to my last 4 for the week and not bothering me to even go to the chemist. I wonder what these people think of us ? . We

I'm going to reduce my intake to 4 next week and then reduce to 2.


Ps isn't much people on this forum but we'll…it's helojg me.

Speak soon

Re: My story by Walk_86Walk_86, 02 Jun 2019 11:08
Re: My story
Walk_86Walk_86 01 Jun 2019 05:58
in discussion Forum / My story » My story

Day 5 , yes day 5.

I consider myself in terms of what I read on hear a serious addict. Some people are addicted taking 6 a day but I was nearly a box a day (sometimes it was a box ) . I was buying 4 boxes on line and paying £10 shipping to get them next day. These would nearly be gone in 4 days.

Anyway yesterday was great and trust me if I can do this….you can too. You need the right help and without my partner I wouldn't be able to do this.

I feel I can deduce to 4 now, she's wrote am and on on all the tablets and that would have stretched the box that was bought on day 1 to over a week. Wow … I would have bought 6 boxes and spent £40.

Anyway have a lovely Saturday.

Re: My story by Walk_86Walk_86, 01 Jun 2019 05:58
Re: My story
Walk_86Walk_86 31 May 2019 06:25
in discussion Forum / My story » My story

Day 4 👍

Doing excellent. First time I've ever managed to not think about the fizzys 24/7. Took 6 yesterday and really didn't need the last 2, however I don't want to come off them too quick. Friday is my day off so I would normally go around 3 pharmacies so I am all set for the weekend (especially Sundays ) pharmacies open late and shut early and I work so this was the day that I struggled with my addiction.

I've not taken a tablet straight away which I normally would have done., I'm going to leave it closer to 9. Feeling happy aswell. My mood swings were terrible (crazy you take these for a buzz , yet long term they make you depressed with a forgetful mind.)

Anyway I know no one has read my stuff yet , but I am going to keep updating my journey until I'm fully off these.

Take care

Re: My story by Walk_86Walk_86, 31 May 2019 06:25
Re: My story
Walk_86Walk_86 30 May 2019 09:45
in discussion Forum / My story » My story

Day 3 of reduced intake and feeling better today. No migraine as of yet. Managed to get a full 9 hours sleep aswell.had 6 tablets yesterday . I've had my 2 this morning that got rid of the groggyness. I have 2 in my pocket for tea time as I'm working till 8 and have no urge to take it yet. I normally would have sank 10 by now. I told my mum last night that I am addicted and that I take 12 a day. She was flabbergasted. Not realising it's actually double. I am loving the feeling that I don't have to run around chemists and psych myself up to come up with an excuse.

Just spoke to a guy today at my work who ironically said din I've been 33 years clean from alcohol. Out of the blue which is mental as I'm hoping that I can be in the same boat.

Anyway this is my journal and I'll update regularly .

Re: My story by Walk_86Walk_86, 30 May 2019 09:45
Re: My story
Walk_86Walk_86 29 May 2019 15:22
in discussion Forum / My story » My story

Spoke too soon. Banging migraine now and going to have to take medication that is not soluble

Re: My story by Walk_86Walk_86, 29 May 2019 15:22
Re: My story
Walk_86Walk_86 29 May 2019 09:15
in discussion Forum / My story » My story

Morning folks.

2 days in and feeling surprising good. My partner has bought a box and she's gave me 2 this morning and I'll get 2 in afternoon and 2 at night. Managed only 4 yesterday which I would normally have consumed before I left work. So I've cut down from 20-26 a day to 6 a day and feeling fantastic.

I'll try and update daily about my journey as I feel it helps me and hopefully helps others.

Re: My story by Walk_86Walk_86, 29 May 2019 09:15
My story
Walk_86Walk_86 28 May 2019 14:15
in discussion Forum / My story » My story

Hey folks.

Glad I stumbled on this forum. It's given me determination to quit these. My intake consists of around 6-8 before I even leave the house in the morning with a further 10-16 throughout the day. I've recently progressed on to solpadeine max for that extra buzz (which on course is physiological ) I go around 2 towns to all different pharmacies and only been caught out a few times. My partners knows I take them and hates it. I been get friends and family to buy them since my addiction got worse. I feel annoyed when I don't have the 8 to take in the morning and now starting to realise why I am like this.

I've never been able to swollow tablets and these were a godsend when I got given 2 by a former work colleague. I am now determined to kick the habit :

1. For myself
2. For my family
3. For my bank balance

I always used to be on point with remembering things and gradually over the past few years I was thinking (googling ) if I may have a firm of dementia but now realise that it's these horrible tablets. I've admitted to my partner of 14 years now that I need help and she will help give me 6 a day gradually reducing them. I've also admitted to alot of pharmacies that I am coming off these (which came as a surprise )

Solpadeine is a working class addiction and who are we to slag the junkies in the stress because we are no less than them. We all need to help each other when it comes to addiction.

I will document my journey.

Peace out

My story by Walk_86Walk_86, 28 May 2019 14:15

Dear Peach,

It sounds like you have been going through a very, very hard time. I'm so very sorry about your dad. I know what it is like to have intrusive thoughts as a result of loved ones dying and it is extremely rough.

I have been finding Schema Therapy very helpful for intrusive thoughts and other psychological issues due to trauma. Here's a little bit about it from the NHS in the UK, if you're interested. You should be able to find more information online, too:

I definitely think that Solpadeine causes short-term memory loss and an inability to learn and retain information (my experience, too) but I also think memory loss is reparable once Solpadeine is out of the picture. (It helps to bin caffeine and nicotine, too, because, like Solpadeine, they constrict blood vessels and lessen the flow of blood, nutrients and oxygen to the brain.)

I think the first thing is to quit Solpadeine. The second thing is to repair the body and mind using whole plant foods, exercise, meditation and other tools. The body and mind have an incredible ability to heal and regenerate in quite a short period of time once the offending substance (e.g. Solpadeine) is out of the picture and you are nourishing yourself with good food, water, exercise, sunshine, meditation, friendship, and other things.

For more information on restoring memory, I'd recommend the work of Team Sherzai: They are American neurologists (Drs Dean and Ayesha Sherzai) who specialise in optimising brain function through plant-based nutrition, exercise, unwinding, sleep and optimising brain power (i.e. learning new things). They have a book called The Alzheimer's Solution (don't let the title put you off!!), which is about preventing dementia and healing the brain. If you become interested in this approach, the website Plant Based Docs will help you find a plant-based doctor near you: The great thing about a plant-based diet is that it is cheap and the food is available in every supermarket. A couple of supplements must be taken along with a plant-based diet for brain health (especially vitamin B12) but they explain that.

It sounds to me like you might need medical support to quit Solpadeine. Solpadeine addiction should be taken very seriously. I also have experience of people pooh-poohing it compared with alcohol or heroin addiction but it is a tough drug to quit.

Codeine and caffeine are both addictive, with nasty physical effects upon withdrawal, but a lesser-known danger is the paracetamol. Paracetamol is a dangerous drug in overdose. Even a small staggered overdose (e.g. taking a bit too much over a period of time) can lead to irreversible liver damage and liver failure. A pharmacist told me that the absolute maximum dose of paracetamol that anyone should take in 24 hours is four grams. That equates to eight Solpadeine tablets, each of which contains 500mg of paracetamol.

So, especially if you are taking more than eight tablets of Solpadeine in 24 hours, or are taking them more frequently than every four hours, I'd urge you to get help immediately to quit Solpadeine. If your doctor is useless, is it possible to change GP? The drug abuse charity might have the names of a few GPs who know what they are doing when it comes to drug withdrawal.

I think your drug charity advisor's attitude was very unfortunate and unprofessional. She should have kept all the appointments she made with you and should not have prioritised drop-ins over you if she had made an appointment with you. That was her bad, not yours. If you are in the UK, does the NHS have clinics that help support people coming off drugs?

Please don't view potential 'damage done' as a reason not to quit Solpadeine. Solpadeine is doing damage while we are taking it but the body and mind have amazing regenerative powers once the problem (e.g. Solpadeine) is out of the way and the right lifestyle changes are made. There is light at the end of the tunnel, both physically and psychologically.

I hope the above is of some use. I'd also suggest looking at the Water Cure for information on how to ease the physical and psychological symptoms of withdrawal: and their addiction page:

Just run any of the above suggestions (dietary changes, water cure, etc.) past your doctor before doing them in case you have a condition that makes them unsafe for you. Also run them past him/her if you are on any medications. Changing your diet and/or the water-salt cure can have strong effects on the body and on the effectiveness of medication (making it too effective, or less effective, etc.). Also, even natural supplements can clash with medications.

Take care and all the best,


Hi everyone,

I posted a while ago telling my story of addiction. I’m still fully in the grips of it but hoping each day that I can find the strength to stop.

I was just curious about some of the psychological issues caused by long term use of a drug like solphadine. I can speak personally of things I have noticed with regards to my behaviour/thought processes and when you read up about the effect chemicals in this drug can have on you and neurological changes that can happen I wanted to know what other people have experienced if anything?

I suffer with depression/anxiety which I’m sure a lot of people here do which is why we were so susceptible in the first place to trying to self medicate our moods. I also suffer with PTSD following the sudden death of my father which I saw. If I’m having particularly intrusive thoughts of what happened to him I take one tablet after another hoping it will help ease the obsessive thought patterns which it doesn’t but I tell myself it might be worse without them. After abusing these tablets for 11+ years now I’ve noticed that I really struggle with short term memory loss. I don’t know if it’s due to long term drug abuse or I just have a bad memory now, obviously severe paranoia is a given with drug abuse, severe mood swings, I wouldn’t say manic highs as in happy but manic as in can’t do enough to stop the obsessive thoughts, manic behaviour with cleaning or doing certain activities & then such low lows that you tell yourself you’re better off not being here at all, crying constantly or just feeling so low that you go days without interacting or speaking with anyone at all, I can’t concentrate on tasks at all anymore, even when I feel like I’ve calmed myself down with a tablet or 2 I still can’t focus my thoughts, learning or retaining anything is impossible and just being so so angry that you blow up at anything and you feel like everyone is out to get you all the time. I NEVER used to be like this so I was just wondering if anyone else notices anything like this.

I’ve spoken to my GP who doesn’t know much about solphadine and didn’t really seem that interested in it. I referred myself to a local drug abuse charity that supposedly helps people wanting to beat addiction but the funding for things like that in my area is so poor. I went there about 4-5 times and was really disappointed with the lack of help and support. One of the days my advisor forgot she had an appointment with me and left me in the waiting room with other users that were kicking off and acting up, users that I felt were there for “more serious drug/alcohol addictions” and then instead of trying to make time for me she sent me away because she didn’t have the time to see me, another appointment she left me in the same waiting room missing my appointment time by 1 hr 15 mins because she was seeing drop ins that were more important…. so you really feel like you’re trying to make a change but everyone you turn to doesn’t really think your issue is that important and you’re on your own with it so I soon stopped going all together. If someone that supposedly supports people with drug addiction doesn’t think your drug of choice is as important as say alcohol or other drugs then why are you going to waste your time going down that route when it just makes you feel worse about yourself. Maybe I’m expecting too much from people and expect them to help me when I’m not even helping myself.

Sometimes I worry that if I ever can come off these tablets, the damage is already done to my mind and body so what’s the point or what if all these issues I’m trying to bury by taking these tablets are there 100 times worse.

Re: Alfiemoon
StormAtSeaStormAtSea 20 Apr 2019 09:40
in discussion Forum / My story » Alfiemoon

Well done! :-D That is wonderful news. Each one of us who breaks free is victory for us all.

Re: Alfiemoon by StormAtSeaStormAtSea, 20 Apr 2019 09:40
Re: Free at last
StormAtSeaStormAtSea 20 Apr 2019 09:37
in discussion Forum / My story » Free at last

Congratulations! :-D That's wonderful and inspiring news. I'm glad your withdrawal was easier than expected.

Thanks for the tips about salt water and espresso to help with aches, pains and headaches.

Very interesting about the side effects of your blood pressure medications and your huge drop in BP after quitting.

Solpadeine is a much more dangerous drug than people think, not least for cardiovascular reasons.

Re: Free at last by StormAtSeaStormAtSea, 20 Apr 2019 09:37
Free at last
Buzzy337Buzzy337 18 Apr 2019 13:54
in discussion Forum / My story » Free at last

Hi everyone
I am a male aged 64 now retired.
For over 25 years I was a solpadeine addict. The usual 2 in the morning to wake me up and then further ones during the tday as a treat for having accomplished or completed something.
I knew the position of every pharmacy in the area and rotated to avoid being banned as an addict.
Buying 1 or 2 packets when going on holiday even chancing going to Dubai where arrest is a possibility.
I was diagnosed with high blood pressure 5 years ago and given a prescription.
Although reasonably fit I suffered from aching muscles and joints. Three months ago i read about a person that forgot their hbp medication when they took a holiday and their similar pains disappeared.
I stopped taking my tablets for 6 weeks and did feel a lot better. I spoke to my doctor to change my tablets for an alternative.
She checked my blood pressure which was 180 over 140 - sky high.iwas given water tablets and advised not to do any vigorous exercise. cut salt from my diet and change my lifestyle.
My wife and I have a low salt intake and I only drink caffeine free tea and coffee.
The massive sodium and caffeine content of solpadeine were the main cause of my problems.
Four weeks ago I went cold turkey.
Withdrawal was easier than I expected. When i had sweats and aches I drank a little salt water or added a little more salt to my food to make up the massive drop in sodium.
If a headache started I drank an espresso with caffeine which seemed to kill it.
It's now 4 weeks since I stopped and a check of my blood pressure today was down to 119 over 80 - just about normal.
I advise everyone with our addiction to stop now. This poison is slowly and surely killing you or shortening your life.
Make that step and stop today. Take it a day at a time and don't look back - your future without Solpadeine is so much brighter.

Free at last by Buzzy337Buzzy337, 18 Apr 2019 13:54
AlfiemoonAlfiemoon 15 Apr 2019 15:20
in discussion Forum / My story » Alfiemoon

After 25yrs of being in the grip of these tablets ( solpedeine plus) i am down to 1 tablet per day, im on 2nd wk and am beginig to feel as i dont need them anymore, i am going to take half next wk then that is it,ive been into chemists and have had no urge to buy them it is possible folks there will be sonething in your life that will give you strength to quit mine was my grandson

Alfiemoon by AlfiemoonAlfiemoon, 15 Apr 2019 15:20
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