Headache Relief Ideas

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Withdrawing from solpadeine can trigger headaches. It is this pressure that often drives many to resume taking them. So what can be done?

Non-drug solutions

  • Headache stick

This is a stick that you rub on your forehead. It contains levomenthol, it causes a slit tingling sensation when you rub it on and it is very cooling. Many people report it is effective in creating some relief quickly.

There are a few brands available, this is one of the popular ones:


Levomenthol is a type of menthol and it has a local anaesthetic and cooling effect.

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Theraputic solutions

These are treatment ideas that involve therapy, meditation or massage.

  • Breathing exercises

Breathe in through your nose on a slow count of three.
Push your stomach out rather than raise your shoulders as you breathe in.
Breathe out through your mouth on a slow count of six.

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