How Do I Stop?

If you take Solpadeine habitually and you decide that you want to stop taking it then you have made a great decision!

This decision is yours to make, so you must "own it". Nobody is going to force you to stop taking it and be successful. You have to want to stop taking it yourself. It sounds trite but you have to accept it is a problem first and know exactly why you want to stop. If you are still justifying it to yourself,
"It's not that bad for you",
"I can just take it occasionally",
"I just take it to get to sleep",
"I'll quit after <some occasion>"
…then you are not ready to start quitting. The sooner you start the better, but you must have already decided you want to cut down.

Even if you want to stop, it may not be easy. It has been known for some people to have instant success, they just stop and never, ever touch it again. However, most people go through a phase of stopping using it that takes some time and lots of patience. The different formulations of Solpadeine may be easier or harder to stop. Those formulations that also contain codeine (Max or Plus) will probably be harder to stop.

If you take a lot of Solpadeine Plus or Max (8 or more in a day) then it is better to cut down your intake slowly over a number of weeks. To do this, get yourself a diary and make a scratch in it next to each day, every time you take one. Jot down one or two worlds about how you feel as well. Get used to splitting the tablets into halves and cut down in increments of half tablets.

Any addiction is partly about the chemicals and partly about the ritual. Some people have had success in coming off Solpadeine by altering the time that they take it. Add one hour to the time that you would normally take it every day. This way your body does not know when to expect its next dose and eventually your next dose will come due at a time when you are asleep. There is no single right way to succeed. The forums may help you. See what other people have done and how they are doing. Please contribute to the community in our start, share your feelings and you will be surprised at the outpouring of emotion and comments from other people in precisely the same situation as you!

You should always talk to your GP about quitting taking Solpadeine. You might think this may be an awkward conversation, it will involve confessing to your usage. However, most doctors will have heard exactly the same story from other of their patients and they are trained to help. Many good doctors will also offer to refer you to specialist help if you need it, or work together with you to find better, non-addictive pain management solutions. If you don't have a good doctor, change.

What are the withdrawal symptoms?


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