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Welcome to Solpadeine Help. This web site provides information and articles about the use of Solpadeine. If you are looking for help, please visit our forum and if you wish, you can also share your experiences here.

The aim of the site is to share information about this drug with its users and to raise awareness. Such awareness can be life-saving.

The internet is full of long scholarly articles about this subject, all filled with technical jargon. The Introduction Articles below contain very short documents that have been written to help people understand this subject and to provide practical help in small steps. The site is a wiki structure, we need help to write and edit more articles.

If you are living in the grip of Solpadeine then nothing on this web site is an alternative to speaking to your doctor. The hope is that armed with information from this site, your discussions with your doctor can go better. Also, the hope is that other sufferers can share their experiences in the forum and we can all help each other.

Introduction articles

What is Solpadeine?
Who takes it?
Am I addicted?
Can you drink alcohol?
Is it dangerous?
How do I stop?
What are the withdrawal symptoms?

Further reading

Complete list of side effects
How misuse happens
Paracetamol - pathophysiology
Codeine - pathophysiology
Caffeine - pathophysiology
Headache relief ideas - help wanted to complete this article


Information charity
Community forum

If you have been affected by Solpadeine or have a story to share, please join the site and contribute to our forum.

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